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Hi Hi! remember me?! i'm  a really good live-er and a terrible blogger. i have been having too much fun racing around to even sit down and look at email. i'm sorry. i'm back. if you sent an email and didn't get a response, send again. promise to respond. quick readers digest version of the…

NALEX | a love story | part 4

friends, i'm sorry for the long absence. i only anticipated a one week hiatus in our love story for a vacation, but i moved out of my NYC apartment (more on that later), and am still in the midst of boxes, gardening, and other business in our Utah home.  it has been a lot. and…

Studio 5 | Hit List | April

  i think this month's Studio 5 Hit List is really special. watch the April Hit List    Sonnet James this is my favorite dress for every woman at any stage in her life. it fits the bits you need to fit and flares at the bits you want to avoid. the SJ dress feels…

Physique 57 dvds

the physique 57 dvds are on gilt groupe right now. $35/set!!!i'd start with the first set if you're a beginner....... you can always buy a playground ball from your local sporting goods store if you don't want to spring for the ball set.click this (corrected) link to get an invite: www.gilt.com/invite/nataliekhill

to prove why physique 57 works (medically),

disregard the pose... just note the awkwardness of the situation..i was strapped into crazy breathing machines at adelphi university and had to do the not-yet-released physique dvd with my nose plugged.nope.wasn't comfortable.but, holy cats!that video is hard and amazing!bloody finger, face mask, sweaty squished headsexy. sexy. sexy.photos by emily z

FREE physique 57 classes

hey new yorkers!wanna come to my free classes?more info { here }

did i tell you?

i'm in the process of getting certified to teach @ physique 57.seriously, the ONLY workout that has given me REAL results REALLY fast.i can't say enough about it.i'm SHRINKING!and loving it!you can join us in nyc (where i will teach you ;)in the hamptonsin beverly hills (coming this spring)or by kicking your own butt with…

private yoga nyc

now that bbb is ending (next sunday),i am now accepting new private yoga clients in new york city.ashtanga . pre-natal . post-natal . weight loss . restorativelets practice!recession rates available!prices upon request : mormoninmanhattan@gmail.com

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