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  1. Hi Natalie,

    Your new blog is fantastic. I love your enthusiasm for life and love! I’m grateful you are including us in your journey and of course, your favorite things.

    I have wasted hours searching for the Natalie-recommended Crio creamers. What are your favorite creamers and where do you purchase them? (Almond Joy is a tough find!)

    Thanks in advance.

    God bless you and yours.


  2. I am a former East Bench Salt Laker who now calls Orem home. Though I love Utah County, there will always be a part of me that misses what Salt Lake has to offer. I’ve seen all of your recent posts about Jolley’s and I had an idea I wanted to run by you. When you have a moment, please contact me via the email above. Thanks so much for your time.

  3. So I’m super lame and read your Instagram but don’t have an acct soooo I can’t comment over there. And I know you will get plenty of thoughts on the stroller issue (I’m still debating the exact same blender question with you, so I’ll keep watching that convo). But, after 3 kids in and preggo with my 4th (ages 6, 4, 2 just for reference) I can honestly say buy with whatever you have in mind for the future. So if you plan (and I know, we plan, God has other plans) but, if you think you will have more than 1 kid, save your $ for a double stroller. Buy a decent umbrella and a click n ‘go frame. Call it a day. We ended up with a Maclaren umbrella, cheap click n go infant carrier frame for the first 4-6 months (Baby Trend, Graco and Chicco–Chicco my personal fav all make a version) and a Phil n Ted’s double. The second (“jump seat”) seat comes off so you can have a single or double and they manuever like a jogger but are seriously perfect for shopping or jogging. And they are narrower than a lot of other even single strollers. Other beauty is you can purchase a single Phil n teds now and then buy the doubles kit when #2 comes along. Because, honestly, it stinks to spend big bucks on a fancy stroller only to turn around Ina few years and never use it because it doesn’t fit your needs. And as for a diaper bag, skip it. Buy a nice purrty big purse and toss in what you need. Diaper bags are just more to lug and made me crazy. Best wishes! you will figure out what’s best for you and Alex. Oh, that’s something else to consider…a lot of strollers have handlebar heights that are brutal for tall folks (I’m 6’ and hubs is 6’2)…so yeah, read up which brands will be gentler on his back if you ever think he might use it.

  4. Hi there! I need to know what you’re doing to get (and keep) your hair so straight?! Brazilian blowout? Chemical relaxer? Strong arms for an at home blowout? Celebrity hair stylist that comes over every morning to straighten your hair?? It looks amazing! Hook a sista up! My hair needs your secrets!

    1. guuuurl, i just pull suuuuper tight and use a roller brush to blow it out. i don’t use straightening cream anymore (cause it makes it flat)— i just use a good moisturizing mousse and a heat protectant. it’s all about angle and pulling the hair tiiiiight.

  5. Your stories have given me hope. I’m entering my late twenties without having been in a good, serious relationship. Your Nalex stories give me hope for my own life. Thanks for blogging and letting us in on your life!

  6. Natalie thanks for the recommendation of Crown!! After I watched studio 5 I went straight to Netflix.
    Love, love it!! I’m done with episode 4 and am totally hooked!!
    Thanks for you good tips and happpy attitude about life❤️

    Melissa Burton
    West Haven, UT

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