raised In Orem, Utah, i’m the eldest of five remarkable sisters. In 1999, i moved to NYC to attend NYU (Bachelor of Music- Vocal Performance Emphasis) and made the city my home. i sang and danced on Broadway, First National Tours, and Vegas companies of some pretty great shows but the friends i made are the highlight of my career. i used to pen Mormon In Manhattan a writing spot that featured my dating misadventures and adventures on broadway.
on September 5th, 2014, i married the great love of my life, Alex Jensen, who happened to be an assistant coach for the NBA’s Utah Jazz and i moved from the heart of Times Square to Bountiful, Utah.  i am learning a lot about the game while loving the boys and their incredible wives and children and navigating my new life (turns out, cooking with food is harder than cooking with American Express), but often, not gracefully.
I love my family, friends, and the gospel of Jesus Christ, but i’ll love you even if those things don’t row your boat. you do you. i’ll do me. let’s find humor in everything, wit and grace in ourselves and each other, and be nice on the internet. if i were to meet you in real life, i’d give you a big full-frontal hug, a nice bev (i always have 2-3 on hand…. diet coke, crio, tea and green juice are my flavors), and invite you to stay a while.

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  1. Dear Natalie:

    I am a Utah writer with a bit of Manhattan history writing you about a Utah writer, David Pace, whose debut novel “Dream House on Golan Drive” begins in Provo and ends in New York City. It’s a tragicomic, tender tour of one boy’s coming of age as narrated by Zed, one of the Three Nephites. Wry and powerful and loving, the book kept me up reading many late nights. I felt like it was old home week. Eric Samuelsen, the BYU playwright, calls the novel “an extraordinary achievement, and its publication marks a cultural moment.” Ellen Fagg Weist of the Salt Lake Tribune calls “Dream House” “lovingly satirical.” I grew up in Bountiful and wish you all the best in that dear bedroom community to SLC. If you would like a copy of David’s novel, feel free to send your address and I will contact his publicist at Signature Books. David is a tireless arts advocate in Utah. I really hope his book finds a wide audience.

    All the best,

  2. Hey Natalie, you popped up on Facebook because of our mutual friends and I totally remember you from the Manhattan 8th ward! Brandon Jones and I went to watch you on West Side Story once, soon after you moved to NY to attend NYU. I love finding people from what feels like a past life–I haven’t lived in NY since 2001, but it was the first place I called home in the US. Anyway, I sent you a friend request on fb, hope that’s ok! It’s always cool to see where people’s lives have taken them years down the road 🙂

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