Studio 5 | Hit List | November 2017

hello, my friends!

watch the Studio 5 Hit List FIRST! 

then read the post– i’m pretty excited about this list.

and i’m stoked that all (except the pretzels) of these companies are run by amazing women. horray! lady bosses!!!

please overlook the disaster fonts and inability to link thru the pix- my wordpress is struggling and i wanted to be sure you had this right when the show airs. ah, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know i’m a straight up hot mess when it comes to the technical crap but, friends, i’m giving you major content and VERY rare discounts so don’t be mad! xoxo


legit, this is the biggest thing to happen to skincare in YEARS. i just gave one to my mom for her birthday last night. i can’t gush enough about this, i’m seriously so excited. and Jamie O’Banion is the new Estee Lauder.
  • the cabbage patch kid of this christmas. it has and will sell out everywhere.
  •  best gift for EVERY woman.
  • personal microneedling tool that will give you results of injectables without injections.
  • tap into your body’s natural healing response creating thousands of micro channels and bouncy new skin cells.
  • within minutes after GloPRO use, actives are locked into the skin– so you’re getting more out of your lotions and potions. they’re actually effective now!
  • it’s sort of like aerating your skin.
  • gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles, crepey skin, evens skin texture and tone.
  • the body roller treats crepey knees, cellulite, and STRETCH MARKS!
  • i’m using their entire skin care system. i’ll do a chat about it in stories – i truly love it.
  • i use it daily. it’s totally safe for nursing and expectant mothers.
  • remember that if you were to do fillers, it’d be 3x the price for 4 ish months of results. this is a SMALL price to pay for more lasting/natural results.
20% off with the code NATALIENOW on 
limited edition ROSE GOLD–hurry. this will sell out very quickly (with extra attachments) at Nordstrom 

Cecelia New York Holly Booties

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 10.10.05 AM
ashley cole – another incredible mom boss and brilliant designer is behind Cecelia New York. i just love everything she does- all such quality leathers and so comfortable. she is a baller. woot! woot! also check out the Mackie (that’s what i’m wearing on air) ! i love!
  • best booties to make your legs look slimmer and longer. 
  • every big fashion blogger is wearing these this year. 
  • so comfortable
  • the quality is that of a $500 pair of boots. 
  • all of their boots this year are so gorgeous. lucite heels, fun fur!
  • these come in black, taupe, and olive.
30% off (!!!!) with the code NATALIENOW  Cecelia New York HOLLY wedge

GATEHOUSE Christmas Decor

2017 GH Christmas 56
  • i just started collecting Christmas decor (cause not much fit in my 435 sq foot nyc apt) so every year i buy a new paper house for my collection. Gatehouse nails Christmas! 
  • i also went crazy over their ombre bottle brush trees because i tried the tutorials and dyed my hands and kitchen . major pinterest fail. and when you can buy 6 ombre trees in different sizes for $55?! why do it yourself!?  the porcelain deer are also TDF
 HURRY!! 20% off thurs, fri , sat with the code NATALIENOW (in store or online for their ENTIRE store!!!!) —


Snack Factory White Chocolate Peppermint Pretzels

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 8.29.07 PM
  • this stuff is crack.
  • found at Costco or on Amazon
  • great for nauseous pregnant people 🙂 or people in general. people are great.

Small Seed 30 day Gratitude Devotional Guide

TSS screen for NHJ
  • 30 daily devotionals to lead you to be more grateful and see God’s hand in your life daily.
  • You can download it right to your phone/tablet and use the hyperlinks inside to study right from your phone.
  • The Small Seed is a non denominational blog dedicated to helping women grow their personal spirituality. it’s awesome. and they just launched their new website today!

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  1. Love this list! And, girl, if you ever want to make a platform switch from WordPress, let me know! I just finished up doing the new one for The Small Seed and always use Squarespace for my clients—so simple, you’d love. Anyhow, love the list + thx for the feature!

  2. Am I challenged or what? I went to the Gatehouse website and I cannot figure out how to shop the paper houses online? I cant even find them. Do they have a shop online option. Help!
    Thanks in advance!

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