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former GYMBOREE & JANIE AND JACK president and CEO started a new ethical children’s wear company after watching a documentary about the wastefulness of the fashion industry (#2 pollutant behind the oil industry !!!). his idea was to create long wearing quality pieces that are meant to be passed down at a disposable clothing price point. he restructured the entire business model to include profit- sharing for his factory workers and uses Organic cotton whenever possible. changing the world and beautifying my child’s wardrobe!
think Janie and Jack quality meets Old Navy prices.
every piece is classic, well built, and gorgeous.
you won’t believe the quality.
they sell thru AMAZON!!! 2 day prime shipping



Some mommy bloggers achieve fame, some have fame thrust upon them, and some can’t figure out why they only have seventeen followers.

5 min episodes. Screamingly funny. Scarily accurate ;).

so the webseries is Addie’s uncut footage (that she’s not intending anyone to see) and what she puts into the world is located on her instagram @fourboysfourblessings … it’s such a difference in reality. the edit is HILARIOUS.

i’ve been working as a creative consultant for this and we’ve had the best time. it’s not really inspired by any one blogger- but a suped up version of all of them. such a great laugh and a nice magnifying glass on so many important issues women face every day.  i love her relationship with her long-suffering husband.  cameos by UT favorites, Susan Peterson of FRESHLY PICKED, Seth King of @latenotes, and Kylee Pickering of @hairspirationbykylee. you’ll notice familiar faces from HOMELAND, LAW AND ORDER, STRANGER THINGS and more. love it. share it..


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megaformer is the hottest new workout in all the land.

it’s like pilates on steroids.

i have been training on the pilates reformer since i was 16 and while, i love how i feel on it, it’s never changed my body. megaformer changed my body in seriously 2 sessions. it’s incredible. and it’s only 45 min!!!!

Jazz sideline reporter, Kristin Kenney, is opening a new Megaformer studio in SLC this week. we bonded over loving the workout and hitting studios while we were on the road for playoffs. i LOVE it. still love my barre, but this is so exciting to mix in.

introductory 2 week unlimited special for $39!! get into it fast because class size is limited to 8.


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  • WHOlives, experts in sustainable clean water projects, is a Utah-based, international award-winning nonprofit whose mission is to save and improve millions of lives by providing sustainable access to clean WATER, better HEALTH, and economic OPPORTUNITY through the use of the Village Drill. WHOlives is an acronym for water, health, opportunity.
  •   Over 1 billion people worldwide do not have access to clean water which kills over 3.4 million people every year.  In the past 3 years, WHOlives initiatives have installed over 1200 water wells bringing clean drinking water to over 1.2 million people in over 25 countries.  Their sustainable delivery model and innovative Village Drill are solving problems that have gone unresolved for decades.  Their organization is focused on ending water poverty worldwide.
  • WHOlives methods empower individuals to create opportunity, not dependency by creating jobs and local economy. The Village Drill is the leading piece of technology in the fight against poverty.  Their founder, John Renouard, was presented the Red Cross International Hero Award for the life-saving work that WHOlives is doing.
  • Event Information:  Clean Water for Life Benefit Concert, Saturday, October 28, 2017, 7 pm, Libby Gardner Concert Hall.  Top talent comes together for an exceptional evening of musical entertainment and inspiration to continue the life-saving mission to fund worldwide water projects.  Award-winning and internationally recognized musical performers include Natalie Hill Jensen, Dallyn Vail Bayles, One Voice Children’s Choir, Kelly DeHaan, Stephen Beus, and Caleb Chapman’s Crescent Super Band.  These musical artists will inspire the audience to benefit those truly lacking the primary basic need of clean water.  Over $5,000 in raffle prizes will also be awarded before the end of the night.  All concert proceeds will benefit worldwide water projects, and funding for a local refugee educational scholarship gift. Due to the generous sponsorship of the concert by the D. Gary Young Living Foundation, every ticket and donation made for the concert has direct impact to continue the life-saving efforts of WHOlives.




LEGIT the best gel manicure ever.

doesn’t weaken your nails (strengthens them, actually), 3 week GUARANTEE, talented nail technicians (all of them), hoity-toity gorgeous space, beauty bar with the best blowout ever (using lush Oribe products), gorgeous boutique, pebble ice fountain diet cokes upon greeting…..i could go on and on and on and on…

and my special custom color, NAKED NATALIE (ok, it’s really called NY Nude), is the BEST nude for all skin tones. truly. it’s genius. i’m a convert. worth the drive. trust me on this. i have converted all of my girlfriends.

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Gel Manicure $30 (usually $40)

Blowouts $25 (usually $35)

Chemical Peel $40 (usually $80)