STUDIO 5 | HIT LIST | May 2017

hi, friends!
watch the Studio 5 HIT LIST { here }  for more information!
3 of 5 picks were recommendations from my High School buddies (2 of my buds married awesome boss ladies who started rad businesses- pun intended) so this is legitimately girlfriend to girlfriend.


• Created by a mother of 4 girls to help women & girls of all ages feel confident and beautiful in a swimsuit (not an easy task ;).
• All suits have great coverage are fully lined. Some have underwire support, and all women’s suits have padding (either removable or sewn-in).
• Sizes as small as NB in the matching Mom & Mini swimsuits, and up to size XXL in select women’s styles (like the scalloped edge Hallie tankini).
• Tween swimsuits come in sizes 8 yr. – 14 yr.
• Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for sneak peaks and flash sales! @rad_swim.
 Use coupon code “NATALIENOW” at checkout for 10% off. 
  • Incredible self- taught cake artist and mom of 4.
  • This rec is from my bff who is the queen of parties so i knew she’d be good
  • She did Lucie’s 1 yr old bday cake and it was beyond what i could have imagined.
  • Her cakes taste AMAZING. not the frozen, hard, dry cakes you’d expect from something so gorgeous.
  • Jessica took 3rd place in the CAKE BOSS competition with her 3 ft tall jack-o-lantern cake.
  • She is so easy to work with and a total dream.
  • You’ll need her number for graduation, mission, birthday, wedding season.
facebook: Cakes By Jessica
  • Legit, the best pies i have ever eaten. my grandma is a crust snob and she died over the crust.
  • The chicken pot pie is amazing but my fav is the pulled pork mac n cheese pie ! !!
* how it works:
you pay $19/month and that guarantees you one pie and unlimited free delivery (in their delivery zone).
you can pick it up in store in Pleasant Grove.
you pick a pie, pick a delivery date, and you get an email when it’s delivered -and it’s delivered in a cooler box so it can sit on your porch till you get home.
  • great idea for a new mom, families with big eaters (high school boys), your RS teacheeeee.
  • if you are outside of the delivery zone, don’t fret, they will be shipping this summer.

15% off with the code NATALIENOW

  • One of my most asked questions on insta- “what is Lucie’s bottle?!”
  • It’s genius . The nipple is anti-colic and more natural than any we have tried (and we have tried a LOT).
  • It’s a soft silicone that wont emit gross things into the milk-moms say babies like that it’s a soft boob-like feel….  and that this is the bottle for babies who won’t take bottles.
  • I’m obsessed with the wide opening cause that just makes everything from filling to cleaning it so much easier and less germy. we’ll never go back.
*i get mine at THE BABY CUBBY because they price match, are always lowest, and are local and amazing. my fav store- it’s so well curated online and in store.
– they are in Lindon but will be opening a new store next to the Costco in Lehi.
* 15% off this week only with the code NATALIENOW

  • a documentary about Sergei Polunin- undoubtedly the most incredible dancer of our generation who was the youngest to ever become a principal dancer with the Royal Ballet at age 19.
2 years later, he walked away from it all.
it’s a fascinating film about what it takes to become an icon and what this sweet boy really wanted most- his family to stay together.
found on itunes, amazon.