ann taylor loft, i’m sorry i misjudged you.


we all know i appreciate nice things but i’m no fashion blogger. i generally ascribe to the “buy fewer, but buy quality” approach to clothes, but the pre and post natal body fluctuations have me buying multiple items in MULTIPLE sizes and since i’ve already purchased semi-nice jeans in nearly every size ever made, i’ve started searching for more affordable body flux clothes. i wandered into Ann Taylor Loft (because my best girl, Rosie, always looks bananas and swears by the joint)- a store which i had previously harbored menopausal feelings. ….

you guys… eureeeeeeeka! i was wrong. or right. maybe i’m now in that mid 30’s mom demographic. yes, in fact, i am. whatever… everything fit beautifully, was SO soft and flattering, and they’re running a sale so i got everything about 50% off! seriously qual fabrics.

somehow i blitzed that they’re one of my FAAAVORITE maternity stores… anyway. great.

so… i figure there may be a few of you who don’t want to spend a fortune to keep your fluxbods or regularbods looking great. here are a few of the items i picked up—-  * also, i found our favorite leggings at Nords in a wider pant ankle and they look REALLY cute with flats.  xo


4 thoughts on “ann taylor loft, i’m sorry i misjudged you.

  1. As a longtime follower, girl who grew up in the fifth ward, 27-year-old, and young lady you might recognize as having stage managed Syd’s benefit one year that you performed in it, I am uncharacteristically commenting to say, LOFT IS THE FREAKING BESSSSSSSSST. So glad you tried it.

  2. Did you see any of their Lou and Gray clothes? I’m obsessed. L&G is a hip, more modern offshoot of Loft. I don’t know if they have their own store front yet, I found them on the Loft website and their own website.

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