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my most asked question and most requested Hit List item:
 “what do you put on your curls?!”
i firmly believe that EVERY curly girl could have amazing hair with the right product.
first things first:
* you need a good layered cut with fresh ends.
* everyone is different but i’m looking for SOFT, NON-CRUNCHY, low maintenance curls.
*know your curl type? are you coarse, fine, oily, dry?
*even a small highlight will show more dimension in the curls.
my hair is fine, soft, and thin so a lot of curl products don’t work for me. i can’t do oily, however DevaCurl has products for all kinds of curl patterns and textures.
 i wash and condition with a basic shampoo and conditioner (i save my good stuff for when i blow my hair out straight because it makes me too slinky.  the curl centered shampoo and conditioner generally feels to heavy for my weight.  )
i towel dry, brush (i know, controversial for curlies) and add…
and add
air dry.
that’s that.
for BANGS!
i separate them from the rest of the hair and use a round brush as if i were going to blow them dry – just blast them with air quickly so they’re half dry then piece them apart. if i don’t do this, it goes frizzy and CRAZY and not ringletty like the rest of my hair.
for second day curls:
if my hair is crazy/frizzy/you name it and i need to fix a few zingers, i use a tapered 1 inch curling iron and wrap the hair around the barrel. if i’m feeling REALLY fancy, i’ll alternate with an even smaller curling iron and remember to change directions of the wrap so it looks more natural.
so thats where i am on it today… you know curlies, we’re always changing and playing with our potions. this works for me in humidity and the dry Utah air…. for now 😉
this is truly the invention i wish i had invented and put on shark tank and made millions.
never hear a door slam again. it’s like a bra for your door. i am putting it on every single door in my house.
30% off with the code NATALIENOW
NEIGHBOR GIFTS!! had to decide on these cause i’m going into rehearsals and i’m dead serious giving these out…. so *spoiler alert* to the people in our circle!
my FAV is the have freeze dried apples dipped in caramel and white chocolate.  they are TDF! i can’t stop myself. seriously. i just ate an entire bag… and by just, i mean i have done it 3x…. in one week.
also famous for their chocolate salted caramels and they are bonkers.
1. Fresh ingredients…real cream and butter. Never sacrifice taste and texture no matter how much they’ve grown.
2. Made the old fashioned way, small batches in copper kettles.
3. Wrapping machines from Europe from the early 1900s
4. paired with high-end chocolate
5. Most of business is private labeling for large retailers – guarantee you have seen these at a certain store you hit weekly….
6. The public is welcome to come visit the window lined factory. Factory gift shop has the entire line in one place. Free samples!
PROMO CODE: 25 % off thru FRIDAY ONLY with the code NATALIENOW (they never go that low)
next saturday, they sell the “seconds” of only the chocolate sea salt caramels at cost- like a POUND for $4. the sale is from 10-2 in the factory ONLY. – this happens once a month. RUN!
THE smell of the season.
love that you can get the scents in different price points, but the best is the $5 car tree can be placed inside your synthetic christmas tree to make it smell like the real deal. best idea EVER!
 alice lane home is offering 20% off the Frasier Fir products IN STORE ONLY when you mention you saw this on the HL.
Pioneer Theatre Company is an EQUITY theatre that brings in the majority of their actors from NYC. in fact, it’s most likely that there are more cumulative Broadway credits on stage than even in a first national tour that you’d see at Eccles. the children are all local (and so many have been my students in masterclasses at COPA) and fantastic. i’m excited for you to see them.
i play a prostitute  with a heart of gold….. the usual.  but really, role of a lifetime. great stuff for me.
 10% off tickets (limit 4) with the code NATALIENOW (this never happens. use it!!) – code expires FRIDAY at midnight!

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