STUDIO 5 | HIT LIST | September


the STUDIO 5 Hit List is back! it’s so much fun to be back with my Studio 5 peeps sharing my monthly favorites.

watch the segment { here }…… you won’t want to miss me talking about being licked by angels or feeling like i walked into someone’s mouth. i’m such a mess on camera.

KicKee Pants


obsession over here.

nothing better than holding a baby in softee KicKee pants. seriously, it’s the only item i bought for the baby- and i bought about 7 footies in neutral colors and we have loved them. the easy snaps down one leg, the fleecy foot pads to keep toes warm, and the stretchable material that spans two sizes….. perfect jammies. i just found out that they sell women’s sizes so…. i’m swaddling.

San Diablo Churros


to die for artisan churros. order it “diablo-style” (it has cayenne pepper in the sugar!) and get the limited edition amano dark chocolate ganache filled with a pink himalayan salt & crushed almond halo. you won’t believe it. avail at Cornbelly’s this fall!

first 25 people to mention the Studio 5 Hit List get $2 off their order!


screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-10-41-15-pmi’m always on the hunt for a great enhancing, clump & bleed free mascara. i am really into this stuff. curls, lengthens, and makes my little stubs for lashes look separate and luxuriously fake. thumbs up.

Becky Higgins Stone Wrap


this stuff is major. wait till you feel it. made of limestone, eco friendly (no trees or water used to create it), water resistant, cuts like butter, yadda yadda… it’s amazing. it will change the way you think about wrapping. and for you craft divas, the possibilities are endless.

  • 25% off with the code NATALIENOW

Stranger Things


don’t ask questions. just watch this. it’s an 80’s guilty pleasure. and winona ryder?! dream come true.

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  1. Natalie, I’m so glad you’re back on Studio 5! During your time away, I had to stalk you on Instagram! I loved the segment today – licking angels, being in someone’s mouth and all. And we LOVE Stranger Things! I was like you when I heard about it. I didn’t think I’d like it. But we have heard that there will be another season. YEA! Thanks for always genuinely being who you are!

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