Lucie Kathryn Jensen


oh, hi!

we had a baby!

Lucie Kathryn Jensen

april 21, 2016 . 10:37 pm

8 lbs 10 oz . 20 inches

and we are totally in love with her but you won’t get a detailed birth story out of me-mostly because i don’t want to relive it! i labored for 31 hours before having an emergency C-section. later, i was readmitted to the hospital for bizarre complications. it wasn’t fun- neither was that pregnancy, but we are so happy she’s here and healthy. we feel incredibly blessed and fortunate that my dear friend, Dr Heather Dabling, delivered Lucie¬†(& gave me a tiiiiny scar), and for our incredible nurses.¬†

i (clearly) haven’t found time to blog…. mothering is my first priority these days…. so follow our adventures on instagram!



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