Alice Lane Nursery Reveal

i have been waiting to reveal this fabulous ALICE LANE nursery for FIVE months! wow. finally! when i married Alex, i moved into the home he purchased 10 yrs ago while playing basketball overseas until we could settle on a new home. because we weren’t totally sure how long we would stay here, i haven’t been motivated to decorate or complete the home. happily, we decided that we wanted the nursery to feel special and finished so we enlisted the experts at ALICE LANE HOME COLLECTION. 

on our first consultation, we met with the designers in our home (led by principal designer and friend, Jessica Bennett) and talked about my vision for the nursery and they took measurements of the room and looked at my art- in case we wanted to use any of it- and we did.  what i loved most of all, was that they were listening to what i was saying but also looking for clues about my interests and preferences based on the items i already buy so they could really nail my style. i feel so often that designers have ONE style and it goes all over every client.  ALICE LANE does unselfish designing, i guess. they wanted to make US happy and US comfortable in a space that felt like US. i like that.

ok… so here’s the direction that i gave them:

  • i wanted the nursery to have pieces that could transition later in life into other rooms and not be limited to “nursery decor.” you know, like, maybe pieces that would fit in her “little girl’s room,”or a formal living room—i feel that in nurseries and handbags, they should reflect the mother’s style and not the baby… i’m the one spending the hours awake in that room & carrying the diaper bag! I don’t want it to look goofy. i also wanted it to be visually stimulating for the baby.
  • the words i gave them were “light,” “breezy,” “moroccan,” “dreamy,” “sweet-but-not-toooooo-sweet.” haha. so vague.
  • we wanted a rocking chair that would fit 6’8″ alex and 5’3″ me.
  • i had an existing crib that my nyc girlfriends gave to us for our baby shower so i needed them to work with that.
  • i wanted a space for books. we love books.
  • i wanted it to be peaceful, above all.
  • at this point, we didn’t know the gender of the baby so we wanted a gender neutral nursery that could easily enhance with gender specific accents later.

Alex didn’t think he’d have an opinion about any of it….. until we got to our presentation:

so on the day of the presentation, they sugar’d me up with tiny pastries and loaded me with diet coke in their gorgeous design center. they had pieces from the room on hand and our rocking chair in the room so we could catch their vision. it felt really really special.

first they presented us with the sketches:

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-11-33-23-pm screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-11-33-14-pm

loved. loved. loved.

then, they presented two different room ideas: screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-11-32-48-pm

zoom in on those – they are stunning. i knew the first image was really high design (and that cool wing piece of art was SPECTACULAR in person) but i just felt so happy in the other image. it was like fresh air. also, Alex finally had an opinion about it and he preferred the same one…… so we went with option B.

just gorgeous. i love the painted ceiling. it just put a little lid on the room and finished it in a really cool way. i would never have thought to do that.

how about that moroccan dresser?! the bone inlay is spectacular and those pom pom drapes are BLACKOUT curtains!



this rocker glider is the most comfortable chair ever and the pouf is perfect to press off as i rock. 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-028-nicole-gerulat

i’m obsessed with this art and had loved it in their showroom though they didn’t know that. the grey and charcoal linen bedding is perfectly gender neutral and i love how it accents the white crib.

yes, that is a bar cart. ironic for two sober Mormon parents to have a bar cart in the nursery, but it’s perfect and i can hang blankets over the handles.


2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-083-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-089-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-103-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-107-nicole-gerulat

i really love this pair.  2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-121-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-126-nicole-gerulat

she’s obsessed with him2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-144-nicole-gerulat

guys, this would def be my REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SLC press picture… i’m still working on a tagline….

on the day of the shoot, Lu was reeeeeally tired.2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-243-nicole-gerulat

little girl finally got some shut eye. 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-255-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-259-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-262-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-265-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-269-nicole-gerulat

the artwork: above left- a costume sketch of me as Cha Cha DiGregorio in GREASE on Broadway (my Broadway debut!). dear Marty Pakledinaz (who left us too soon) sketched it himself and it is really special to me.

below left- a quote from Peter Pan- “Dear night-lights that protect my sleeping children, burn clear & steadfast tonight!” was Mrs. Darling’s parting statement before she left the nursery for her dinner out with her husband. i played Wendy in a production & i found this from an etsy shop? or a small market? if any of you know the artist, please let me know, it’s been a while.

above right: my dear friend, Tina, cut our wedding quote into the most beautiful cut out artwork with her tiny Russian hands. it’s such a treasure.

below right: for my sister Nina’s wedding, i commissioned an illustration from my insanely talented and MAJOR friend, Sara Jane based on a photograph of my sisters and me swinging in a park in Spanish Fork. she then made a copy for Nicole and me and it is heirloom material. i love it so so much. 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-266-nicole-gerulat

2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-272-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-273-nicole-gerulat

clear bookshelves!!! we now have them SO overloaded, it’s a wonder they haven’t ripped off the wall.


i love how they finished the crib with pillows-like you would a bed. obviously, we take the pillows out when Lu is sleeping, but they just finish it like a made bed when she’s not in it. 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-288-nicole-gerulat

the marble and gold lamp is another favorite detail. the lamp shade is such an interesting shape. remember my crochet critter obsession while pregnant? they look so cute in the room. 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-294-nicole-gerulat

i love the quartz book ends!


thanks to our friend Aubrey for the NBA passs! haha! and Angie for the bottle!

2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-323-nicole-gerulat 2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-326-nicole-gerulat
2016-06-30-alice-lane-natalie-334-nicole-gerulat i love this chandelier so much! it feels like sequins and backstage makeup lights. it’s so nyc to me and Lu loves looking at it.

i can’t tell you what a piece of heaven this whole process has been for me. i just ate food and pointed at what i liked, and they made it all happen in one magical day. installation day was really like Christmas morning. i feel so grateful that they captured my vision and taste so perfectly. truly, every time i walk into that room, i feel lighter and happier– which is saying a lot when we’re teething, folks! yikes. i can’t wait for them to do the rest of our home!

Lucie’s entire nursery is shop-able on ALICE LANE HOME and they’re offering 15% off to all of my friends using the code NATALIE15 (holy cow!!!!).

all photographs by Nicole Hill Gerulat. 


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